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This is your window into everything campus related, as well as all exciting activities happening at Madar.

MADAR Graduation 2022
28, Jun 2022

On June 25, Grade 12 parents and staff members attended a formal graduation ceremony for the class of 2022. Student representatives boasted about their learning journey and achievements as MADAR students.As we say farewell to the class of 2022, we wait with great anticipation for their new achieveme...

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Madar Celebrates Earth Day
06, Jun 2022

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April at MADAR to remind the students of their duties towards ‘Mother Nature.’  Earth Day was celebrated through educational and action-oriented activities that were fun. The Primary department marked World Earth Day with activities wi...

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Project Based Learning
06, Jun 2022

Students showcase projects that reflect their understanding of the future. PBL allows students to demonstrate their capabilities while working independently. It shows their ability to apply desired skills such as doing research. It develops the student's ability to work with his or her peers, buildi...

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We Value Our Students
08, May 2022

High Achievers receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the school Principal and Vice-principal.High achievers were invited to meet with the school principal, vice-principal & Ms. Farrah, Primary HOD, to receive a certificate of appreciation and gifts to honor their hard work. Dr. Alaa sa...

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ADU School Counselors Forum
16, Mar 2022

Abu Dhabi University – Al Ain Campus- invited Madar staff to the ADU School Counselors Forum: Readiness for Change. During the workshop, our team of social workers discussed several topics including how to create a caring environment while distance learning? Dealing with cyberbullying, and career ...

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Sports Day 2022
03, Mar 2022

MADAR’s yearly ‘Sports Day’ started on February 14. Our students have been looking forward to the resumption of this yearly event which was paused for the last two years due to the pandemic. Students received the return of Sports Day with eagerness and excitement.Our teachers know the importan...

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Writers meet Madar Students
01, Mar 2022

‘Book Week’ presents a time to celebrate favorite characters from classics through to contemporary books. While students are engaged in a range of fun activities to celebrate Book Week, families are reminded of the ongoing benefits of early reading for future success. During this annual celebrat...

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Al Ain Zoo Virtual Trips Program
01, Feb 2022

Al Ain Zoo Virtual Program has been a highlight of Madar International School's activity events. The virtual program provides students with fun and engaging activities that awaken their scientific curiosity. Students can interact with Zoo educational officers for approximately 3o minutes, via Micros...

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Madar Annual Arabic Reading Competition
17, Jan 2022

A reading’s competition goal is to encourage and stimulate reading continuously. Children love a challenge, so when we integrated reading into competition, students were super motivated to get involved. All students, from grades 1 to 12, were invited to participate and demonstrated exceptional pro...

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Pool Purification System in EXPO 2020
17, Jan 2022

Ali AlKaabi & Saeed AlKaabi grade 10 students participated in the EXPO 2022 "Project on a Napkin" competition. They came up with a design for a pool purification system and then drew it on a napkin. After that, they transferred it into a 3D model, and this is how it all started. This project was...

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EXPO 2020 Primary Art Gallery
17, Jan 2022

Exhibits & galleries are an important and exciting aspect of the creative process. Seeing your drawing framed, your painting coated, or your sculpture presented professionally is something remarkable and gives the students the confidence they need to open more doors to unlimited views during the...

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Madar Goes Blue
07, Jan 2022

Madar was happy to announce ADEK’s “Blue School” initiative to students & parents. In a “Blue School,” students can enjoy the full experience of being back to normal school operations. Going back to normal with no mask or social distancing restrictions and enjoying all the activities a...

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ADU & Madar International School Sport Day
14, Dec 2021

On the occasion of the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain branch; in cooperation with Madar International School, held a sports day full of activities for administrative and educational staff on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.   ...

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MADAR Celebrates UAE 50Th National Day
07, Dec 2021

The year 2021 represents the 50th anniversary of the country's founding. Our golden jubilee represents 50 years of hard work, hopes, and ambitious plans. Like every other year, our school enthusiastically celebrates the UAE National Day with two days of festivities, traditional games, paintings, mus...

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Madar Student Council 2021
05, Dec 2021

The Student Council is an organization led by students and supervised by school staff members. The purpose of the student council is to allow students to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities in line with the school vision & mission.Madar Student Council is t...

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Evolving through the pandemic
08, Sep 2021

For almost two years we have been working under the umbrella of COVID-19 to keep our students focus on their academic journey. When we look back, forensically, at the way we interacted with one another, our preferred communications tools, and the way we socialized, things have changed considera...

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A tough year, a great success
09, Aug 2021

Although this year was an extraordinary year full of challenges that were brought about with the Covid19 pandemic, the school year was full of success stories and many accomplishments that were crowned with turning these challenges into opportunities. The school followed outstanding precautionary me...

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A win for science
03, Aug 2021

The success story in the science department started 3 years ago, when we start creating specialized science departments, and implement them from grade 7 to 12, instead of only teaching general science or providing elective specialized courses that were taught only for higher grades. During the first...

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Obstacles are a chance to grow
15, Jul 2021

With all the changes we started, we had only one vision that WE have to make Madar School the best school in the community.... Here is a little about our work ethics, and to us, our work ethics are our success story..... The English department in Madar International School works according to part...

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KG2A Virtual Graduation Ceremony
01, Jul 2021

Congratulations 🎉💕 We are so proud of you . Thanks to all the teachers, the love you have for the children shines through in their results. Thank you to all the parents who have helped in the current situation, and who have raised such wonderful children! Our kindergarteners are very well-equi...

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Happy Earth Day G1-4
15, Jun 2021

Primary students celebrated and learned about Earth Day at school by getting them to create and submit their own poster designs as part of a fun activity. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year and aims to raise awareness on how to protect the environment. Each of us can contribute to pres...

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Hybrid Learning at Madar
01, Jun 2021

Hybrid learning at Madar combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience. With fewer in-seat sessions than a traditional face-to-face class, hybrid makes the time that students and their teacher spend together a more precious commodity. As such, greater focus needs is placed o...

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Student Project Award 2021
18, May 2021

“Projects expand students’ knowledge, but there is more valuable learning taking place…”  -UnknownDuring the AY 2020-2021, term 2, students from grade 1 to grade 12 were engaged in creating projects for various subjects. The general objective of these projects was to investigate th...

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Mental Math Competition 2021
15, Jan 2021

The Ignited Mind lab organization in Mumbai invited the MIS Math department in January 2021 to participate in its Mental Math 2021 Competition. Ms. Sally, Grade 7 and 8 Math teacher, did a great job organizing and facilitating the participation of Madar International School.Our students started thei...

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Dirty Water Solution
21, Sep 2020

Three of our 6B3 designed a water filtration system. It all started when Nahyan Mubarak was planting flowers in his garden, he used a hose but noticed the water was very dirty. He thought the cleanliness of the water would affect plant growth and thereby, its life span. He decided to create a small ...

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A Story of Success
12, Apr 2020

 A story that was written by my MIS students. Our lovely students succeeded in planting the seeds of success by being dedicated and committed to our literacy online program Achieve 3000.Achieve3000® is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiate...

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08, Feb 2020

Madar International School organizes an annual interschool sporting event called the “Madarathon.” This sporting event is a community staple that involves many private schools around the city of Al Ain. The importance of holding this sporting event in which many schools participate is the comrad...

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Innovation Week
08, Feb 2018

“Innovation is not an option but a necessity. It is not a culture but work style, and governments and companies that do not innovate risk losing their competitiveness and falling far behind.”- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumUAE innovation month is one of the largest innovation and moderniz...

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