2024 – 2025


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

– Malcolm X


Madar is a K-12 American curriculum school that focuses on preparing students to be innovative thinkers and visionaries. We are accredited by Cognia (Formerly AdvancED) and our curriculum adopts strong academic methods that develop students with advanced academic standards.

Our students learn to apply 21st Century critical skills, which leads to higher achievements in emSAT, SAT, Advanced Placement (AP), IELTS, and TOEFL examinations, in addition to standing out in gaining national and international scholarships and joining presentable high ranking universities around the globe.

Our curriculum also promotes the UAE's traditional and moral values, self-discipline, tolerance, and fairness.

Every faculty member at Madar understands that academic achievement is crucial for young people's successful development in today's society. The occupational and financial success of our students is paramount, and we can proudly say that most Madar graduates smoothly transition into adulthood and go on to achieve their full potential.



Our Faculty consists of highly qualified multi-national academic professionals, committed to developing both the mind and body of our students. Our faculty are dedicated to the promotion of academic excellence while guiding students through their creative, and personal development growth. Their knowledge & positive energy, help students achieve a balance between proper nutrition, physical fitness and, wellbeing.


E-Learning education in the 21st Century is a capacity-building tool that affords our students the ability to learn while away from school. Our focus is to ensure good practices as we integrate technology into the curriculum.

Our student-centered digital classroom provides students the resources they need every day to be successful. Madar has put in place a state-of-art E-Learning system that allows our students to learn at their own pace, in addition to learning inside the classroom. The system provides high flexibility in learning while accommodating for differentiated learning needs and circumstances of each child and family. Learning is made more convenient and enjoyable for each child through the use of a variety of E-Learning resources including gamification and interactive learning.


FTF Learning

At Madar, learning face to face is far from the traditional format. Our teachers bring excitement and innovation to the classroom. Students at all levels receive the instructions tailored to their ability and designed to ensure they achieve the highest potential.

In this mode of learning, students enjoy being in class physically while having live interaction with their teachers. This mode is especially healthy to ensure social skills are maintained. Students equally engage with their colleagues learning in Distant Learning mode (DL) to ensure a rich learning experience regardless of the mode of study.


Cutting Edge Technology

Our school features cutting-edge technology in the classroom, enabling teachers to simultaneously address their face-to-face (FTF) students while streaming to their distance learning (DL) students; thereby maintaining the same quality of instruction.

We are also equipped with computer-based assessment tools that enable teachers to analyze their student’s performance in real-time, and tailor instruction based on their student’s needs.

Our teaching and learning process ensures the integration of the latest educational technology implementations, that keep our students on an internationally competitive level as successful digital citizens.

At Madar, not only do we prepare our students to be effective end-users of technology, but we strive to ensure our students are also equipped with the skills and knowledge of coding, programming, and development tools to create real solutions for real-life problems. Through technology, we stimulate their curiosity to learn beyond the classroom and take advantage of the world they will embark into.

“No kid is unsmart. Every kid is a genius at something. Our job is to find it. And then encourage it.”

– Robin Sharma

Special Education Needs

Teachers, social workers, and supervisors work collaboratively to support and motivate our students through systematic methods and procedures. The Special Education Needs department helps our students of determination and learning difficulties to gain their rights in receiving equal opportunities of learning side by side with their colleagues, through the development of their cognitive abilities and thinking skills, and through properly set individual personal plans of improvement, as each child in MADAR matters and is valued for who they are.

Our staff becomes a cohesive team with the sole goal of ensuring that your child’s needs for academic success are met.


Madar Scholarships

Madar annually awards two scholarships in honor of H.E the late Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, “founder of the school”. The scholarships are given to one graduating student each of Grade 11 and Grade 12 who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

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