2024 – 2025


Pastoral Care

Our faculty and staff members are committed to the safety and wellbeing of your children. We believe that our students’ character and moral development deserves our highest pastoral care. Our work begins as soon as the child crosses our doors or enters the bus.

From our school supervisors to bus attendants, we provide that special individualized attention that your child deserves. We work closely with parents and community members to ensure our students receive the best care possible throughout their academic life at Madar.

We strive to provide our students with the guidance and support needed to become successful citizens. We celebrate differences in an affirming and inclusive environment that is in line with the UAE's moral and ethical values.

Safe Environment

The most important role we are committed to fulfilling is that of providing our students with a safe learning environment. The team at Madar International School is highly trained and truly understands that students must be nurtured and cared for if they are to successfully develop into wholesome individuals.

Every member of our staff is committed to the safety, and wellbeing of your child. Our facilities are secured and kept safe by a competent security detail, a live high-definition CCTV security camera system, staffers equipped with two-way radios, and round-the-clock supervision. The school is equipped with First Aid kits and trained staff and nurses. We take considerable care in providing for the emotional support and physical well-being of our students.

Student Council

When our students participate in the Student Council, we prepare them to assume future leadership roles. We believe in developing their abilities to lead and to take on more and more responsibilities, appropriate to their age. While participating in activities that sharpen their leadership skills, our Student Council members play an active role in local, national, and international level events.

Student Behavior

All students are given the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and be guided to progressively become more self-disciplined and responsible learners. Madar provides a safe, positive, and inclusive learning environment to prevent bullying and antisocial behavior while encouraging respect, compassion, and cooperation. We also encourage close collaboration and partnership among students, parents, and faculty.

We expect our students to do more than what is asked of them, and so should we. Going the Extra Mile for our students is crucial to their physical and mental well-being