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MADAR Celebrates UAE 50Th National Day
07, Dec 2021

The year 2021 represents the 50th anniversary of the country's founding. Our golden jubilee represents 50 years of hard work, hopes, and ambitious plans. Like every other year, our school enthusiastically celebrates the UAE National Day with two days of festivities, traditional games, paintings, music, and competitions.

This year we began with the National Anthem, followed by performances of traditional UAE dances and folk songs by our pupils outside in the play areas. Our students proudly waved UAE flags and dressed in traditional attire.

The festive spirit was communicated to all students, employees, and residents at night by the obvious lighting around the institution. Throughout the day, the school was proudly decorated up in the UAE flag colors, and kids were involved in every activity, demonstrating their love and respect for the country.

Dr. Alaa said, "Such national and big patriotic festivals are tremendously essential for the children because this is when they truly get to know their heritage and the value of remaining faithful to your nationality, these kids hold their identities dear to their hearts, which is why these activities and festivities are so vital for younger generations and subsequent generations."

Dr. Denis, our Vice-principal said: "The feeling of patriotism is palpable, and you can see it grow in the hearts and minds of Madar students."

Happy National Day 



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