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Mental Math Competition 2021
15, Jan 2021

The Ignited Mind lab organization in Mumbai invited the MIS Math department in January 2021 to participate in its Mental Math 2021 Competition. Ms. Sally, Grade 7 and 8 Math teacher, did a great job organizing and facilitating the participation of Madar International School.

Our students started their semifinal online tests back in May and their final tests during the end of the same month. The competition targeted grades 2 through 7 students, and it was designed to have a 45-minute online test to solve 75 questions. The first 50 questions weigh 1 mark, the other 25 questions weigh 2 marks.

The competition was so fierce that only a few seconds will make a huge difference. We would like to congratulate Wadima Alketbi, Grade 2G, for securing second prize among all grade 2 students in the entire UAE.

Congratulations to our medal winners in the grand finale:

  • Amr Ahmed Eid G2 - D
  • Rashed Hamad Alkindi  G2 - F
  • Theyab Khaled Alfazri   G2 - F
  • Abdulla Nasser Alkaabi G3 - C
  • Alreem Abdelrahman Elhijazi    G3 - E
  • Mohamed Ahmad Elasfar         G3 - E
  • Bassel Ahmed Abdelrahman     G5 – B1


We are all so proud you!! Your participation is a good indicator of your future successes.



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