2023 – 2024

Obstacles are a chance to grow
15, Jul 2021

With all the changes we started, we had only one vision that WE have to make Madar School the best school in the community....

Here is a little about our work ethics, and to us, our work ethics are our success story..... The English department in Madar International School works according to particular dynamics and policies that ensure efficiency, achieve consistency, and guarantee the highest standard of teaching and learning.

In the English department, teaching does not only occur during the English session; it is instead a continuous mechanism that immerses the students in an ongoing process of learning. English teachers across different stages work proficiently, ensuring that students can comprehend the different concepts.

Our success story about meeting the 21st-century skills and use of technology... The department uses every available technology tool most effectively to assure the full attainment and progress of the learning process. For example, the “breakout rooms” feature of MS Teams where students can work in groups. This tool is used daily by English teachers across different stages: students are put in groups, assigned different tasks, provided with clear instructions.

Our success story to foster competition skills... English has set the benchmark for setting up competitions of all types. Students have put in tremendous efforts and showed excellent competency in all aspects of knowledge, creativity, critical thinking, and presentation skills, and the English Department especially has proved to be a pioneer in unearthing students’ hidden talents. Having high hopes for students, the English Department organizes poem writing competitions, speech competitions, public speaking, debates, Spelling Bee annually to trigger students’ linguistic solid skills and vast imagination.

Our success story to ensure success in International Exams English Department is always setting very high expectations for our students. We believe in our students that they can succeed in all the International exams with flying colors. Starting KG, the students are trained for unseen reading comprehension, analyzing the text, evaluating the text, and much more. Speaking and Listening to meet the International standards of language proficiency is a regular practice from K to 12.

Extended writing is the culture starting grade 1; students are exposed to all types of writing from descriptive to narrative and from argumentative to text analysis... Vocabulary, Grammar, Mechanics are integrated with reading. Keeping in mind the needs of second language learners, we make sure they get enough practice and exposure to all the mentioned requisites separately to improve language proficiency. Last but not least.... The dedicated English teachers work continuously, triggered by the highest motive: providing a teaching and learning atmosphere of the best quality for the students.

The English department in Madar International School has made it evident that nothing is impossible and that everything is doable once the right mindset is taking the wheel.



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