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Student Project Award 2021
18, May 2021

“Projects expand students’ knowledge, but there is more valuable learning taking place…”  


During the AY 2020-2021, term 2, students from grade 1 to grade 12 were engaged in creating projects for various subjects. The general objective of these projects was to investigate the development of student’s abilities in diverse Arabic, Mathematical, Science, English & ICT concepts.

Looking back at the many projects assigned to our students, you can observe their use of problem-solving skills through their development process. Many completed projects displayed an underlying understanding of step-by-step directions, the project scope of work and the process of scientific methods.

Other projects had detailed objectives; but also allowed students to express themselves in a creative manner. Grade 3 ICT project was about designing games, for example, Mahra Alnuaimi used her knowledge about Covid-19 to design the Corona Virus Game. The project was very clever in that it spread the awareness in a fun way. The biology project in grade 11 was a valuable tool to analyze social conditions that could cause genetic disorders and drew attention to preventative genetic disorders measures. Additionally, it exposed students to time management, and oral presentation skills. The teacher described it as “a fascinating sight to see students challenged creatively as they learned about genetic disorders concepts.”

The projects also gave the gifted and talented students the opportunity to dive deeper into research. G&T students challenged themselves academically but were also able to do hands on activities and practice their writing skills. Their ability to use their creative skills in both writing and hands on activities was a once in a lifetime experience for these students. Our G&T Students were not only expanding their knowledge of a particular topic but also, they developed and learned how to research, manage time, persevere, be creative, critically think, follow directions, and more!

During Distance Learning (DL), these projects were not just assignments for the student, but they gave the opportunity for parents participate in the teaching process. Parents had an opportunity to work, directly, in shaping their child’s development skills. Parents had a chance to coach and give advice in a one-on-one healthy environment.



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