2023 – 2024



Madar International School takes health and safety responsibilities extremely seriously. And we have placed all the necessary safety guidelines and precautions to protect our students and staff members from COVID-19.

Our aim is to provide our students, staff and visitors with a clean and safe learning environment.

For that reason, we have worked with health and safety advisors, and conducted risk assessments for all school activities and developed an extensive addition to Madar's Health and Safety Policy.

Madar upholds the highest standards of precautionary measures in this regard, implemented as follows:

Performing individual temperature checks before entering the school on all gates.

Using face masks and hand sanitizer while on campus at all times.

Maintaining social distance as established by public health officials.

Washing hands often with soap and water.

Hiring a specialized company to disinfect the school throughout the day.

Carrying out daily disinfection procedures after all students and staff leave the school.

Carrying out weekly deep disinfection of the whole school.

Ensuring washrooms are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Limiting the number of students in each classroom to the minimum, to ensure safe social distancing at all times.

Monitoring and controlling the entry of parents and visitors to the school, and restricting access to the administration zone only to those with a valid PCR test as per government regulations.

Organizing the arrival and dismissal of students in a safe and well-managed manner.

Maintaining frequently touched surfaces and objects sanitized.

Implementing strict policies regarding any direct contacts or covid cases.

Maintaining the highest precautionary measures in terms of students’ social distancing in class and recess time in the play areas.

Orienting students and parents on the most effective methods to stay safe at all times.