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We’ve invested in recruiting and retaining top-quality educators who inspire bold thinking, recognize student potential, and encourage all students to work towards their goals. At Madar we offer you a supportive working environment that understands the importance of achieving a work-life balance. We are always interested in meeting with potential candidates who demonstrate a keen interest in their field.

We foster a culture of outgoing and collaborative workforce, and are always looking for dedicated people who want to make a real impact in the community and around the world. Joining our team, means you are part of an organization that values diversity, but is also striving to become one of the top schools in the nation.

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KG Homeroom Teacher

POSTED: 3 months ago


MADAR International School is seeking highly skilled and motivated Kindergarten Homeroom Teachers to join our dedicated team. We seek individuals who possess extensive experience and a dynamic approach to teaching. The successful candidates will demonstrate exceptional teaching skills, with a strong emphasis on effectively planning, implementing, and assessing academic work for our young learners.


·        Develop and implement engaging lesson plans in accordance with the established school curriculum.

·        Teach foundational skills including alphabets, and numeracy, as well as personal, social, and emotional skills.

·        Utilize a variety of instructional methods (including songs, stories, structured games, art, outdoor activities, etc.) to stimulate and nurture children's abilities.

·        Monitor student interactions, promoting cooperation, sharing, and a respectful learning environment.

·        Adhere to all teaching standards and safety regulations.

·        Adapt lesson plans to meet specific student needs and adjust teaching methods based on student progress.

·        If required, plan, prepare, and deliver in-person and online lessons.

·        Encourage student participation in lessons and other school-related activities.

·        Participate in continuous professional development opportunities.

·        Attend staff meetings to ensure the smooth running and administration of the school.

·        Step in for absent colleagues when needed.

·        Continually develop knowledge of curriculum programs and frameworks.

·        Regularly assess and record student development, identifying any areas of concern.

·        Communicate effectively with all other staff members who engage with students.

·        Regularly communicate with parents/guardians per school guidelines, including presenting student progress reports and discussing necessary student discipline.

·        Maintain order and discipline among students while promoting safety and adherence to school rules and guidelines.

·        Perform any special duties assigned by senior management or the Head of the Department.


Education: BSc / Master’s Degree – in relevant subject - Early Learning Certification is a must.

Experience: Minimum 3 yrs. relevant experience in American Curriculum Schools.

Languages: Native English speaker preferred / Fluent English / Bilingual.

Communication Skills: Strong communication skills.

Computer Skills: MS Office / MS Teams / other educational platforms.